Martin Openly Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Opposes Death Penalty



CONCORD – Ending weeks of silence, Democrat State Senate candidate Willard “Bud” Martin today finally admitted his support for the radical Democrat agenda advancing through the Legislature. In an interview in today’s Fosters Daily Democrat, Mr. Martin came out in support of same-sex marriage and revealed his staunch, long-held opposition to the death penalty.


His admissions come at a time when the State Senate is set to consider a slew of radical bills passed by the House including legislation that will establish same-sex marriage and repeal the death penalty.


At the same time that Mr. Martin was discussing his support for the Democrats radical agenda, the Democrat State Committee was trying to mislead voters into believing that Martin was still considering the issues. In a story in today’s Conway Daily Sun, Democrat Executive Director Mike Brunelle deceptively claimed that Mr. Martin’s position on the death penalty and same-sex marriage “will be decided down the line.”


Martin also revealed that he has been an opponent of the death penalty “since he was a teenager” – despite the fact that he recently told WMUR-TV (3/29/09) that he had “absolutely not” made up his mind on the issue.


“Today, Bud Martin confirmed what everybody already knew – that he is a far-left politician who supports the radical Democrat agenda advancing through the legislature. Mr. Martin has deliberately tried to mislead the public by obscuring his actual positions on some of the key issues in this campaign,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Communications Director Ryan Williams. “It’s now obvious that Bud Martin is willing to do and say anything to get elected, and that he lacks the credibility required to effectively represent District 3 in Concord.





Willard “Bud” Martin Has Claimed That He Didn’t Have A Position On Same-Sex Marriage Or A Repeal Of The Death Penalty:


Sean McDonald: So you haven’t made any final decision on [same-sex marriage and the death penalty]? (4/9/08)


Willard “Bud” Martin: Absolutely Not. (WMUR, 4/9/08)



He Said It Would Be “Presumptuous” To Give A Position On The Issues:

Sean McDonald: Let me get your reaction this week to the House saying no to the death penalty, wanting to repeal that and saying yes to gay marriage. These are possible issues that you might face if you are selected for the senate. Give me your take on these things.


Willard “Bud” Martin: Here’s my take on that Sean. It’s very important that the voters know that they are sending somebody down who is going to listen and be accessible and then really do the responsible thing in a focused way and on these very important issues to the constituents out there, that’s my pledge. I’m not going to send out a postcard in advance on everything I am going to do, because that’s presumptuous. How should I make a decision on these critical issues without hearing from everybody? So we will have a hearing process - hearing rooms.





Today, Willard “Bud” Martin Told Fosters Daily Democrat That He Supports Same-Sex Marriage And Opposes The Death Penalty:


Fosters Daily Democrat: “The Democrat in the special Senate election was talking Thursday like the fiscal conservative he says he is while coming down against the death penalty and for gay marriage.” (4/10/09)



But On The Same Day, The Democrat State Committee Told The Conway Daily Sun He Wasn’t Going To Take A Position On Social Issues:


Conway Daily Sun: Bud is going to ensure he listens to his constituents,’ Brunelle said of social issues. ‘And that all will be decided down the line.’” (4/10/09)