- Judiciary Contact Information

Here are the members of the Senate Judiciary:



Representatives' Hall


Sen. Reynolds (C), Sen. Lasky (VC), Sen. Houde, Sen. Roberge, Sen. Letourneau


9:00 a.m. HB 436-FN-L, relative to civil marriage and civil unions.


EXECUTIVE SESSION MAY FOLLOW ( it may be a long day for marriage)

Contact Information:

Sheila Roberge ( Republican- for traditional marriage, please call and support her stand)

83 Olde Lantern Road

Bedford, NH 03110-4816 (H) (603)472-8391

(O) None Specified



Deborah Reynolds ( Democrat - position not known)

5 Chaddarin Lane

Plymouth, NH 03264 (H) (603)536-5553

(O) (603)271-3042


Matthew Houde ( Democrat, genderless marriage supporter)

P.O. Box 66

Meriden, NH 03770 (H) (603)504-2744

(O) (603)271-2104

Bette Lasky ( Democrat, supporter of genderless marriage)

15 Masefield Road

Nashua, NH 03062 (H) (603)888-5557

(O) (603)271-2735



Robert Letourneau

30 South Avenue

Derry, NH 03038 (H) None Specified

(O) (603)271-2118

Please contact them and tell them you do not want marriage redefined.