Citizens Leadership - Tea Party Events

Prize winning Contests

Manchester Tea Party, Victory park, 5:30pm

Sign Art

For the most creative sign there will be first, second, and third place prizes of $100, $50, and $25
Pull out your paint or markers and design away!
Sponsored By Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers

Rant On: Are you a verbal person?

A Rant Contest - great way to release your frustration with government intrusion into citizens lives and businesses.
Whoever can come up with the most creative quips, poems, songs etc about the purpose of the Tea Party, or any of governments actions will be awarded a prize( TBD)
Sponsored by Granite Grok

Food Drive for NH Food Bank

Please bring non perishable food items to donate to the food bank of Manchester.
They need our support!

This is a family event so come out and enjoy!

Elaine Driscoll
Citizen's Leadership of New Hampshire