CONCORD – In an interview in Sunday’s Concord Monitor, State Senate candidate Willard “Bud” Martin announced his support for a seatbelt mandate and continued to reveal his allegiance to the radical Democrat agenda advancing through the Legislature. Martin said that he supports legislation that would force New Hampshire residents to wear seatbelts – even on private property – or face steep fines. It also authorizes law enforcement officials to stop motorists who they simply suspect of not wearing a seatbelt.


“Bud Martin continues to show District 3 voters that he is a far-left politician who supports the radical Democrat agenda advancing through the Legislature,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Communications Director Ryan Williams. “It’s now obvious that Bud Martin’s attempt to portray himself as an independent minded candidate is just another example of the deceptive smoke and mirrors strategy he is employing in this campaign.”


Martin also continued to confuse voters about his position on same-sex marriage, refusing to tell The Monitor if he would support a bill to establish it. He declined to give a “yes-or-no answer” on how he would vote on the legislation – despite telling Foster’s Daily Democrat on Friday that he would “support” it. In Friday’s Conway Daily Sun The Democrat State Committee gave a different explanation of Mr. Martin’s position, claiming that he was still listening to voters and would take a stand on the bill at some point “down the line.”


“Bud Martin has spent so much time trying to confuse voters that he is even starting to confuse himself. He's done such a thorough job trying to obscure his support for the Democrats’ radical agenda that not even Bud Martin seems to know where Bud Martin stands these days,” concluded Williams.





Yesterday Willard “Bud” Martin Revealed His Support For The Seatbelt Mandate:


Concord Monitor: “Mandatory seatbelts. Martin supports, Bradley opposes.” (4/12/09)



Willard “Bud” Martin Also Refused To Give A “Yes-Or-No” Answer On How He Would Vote On Legislation To Establish Same-Sex Marriage:

Concord Monitor: “Asked for his position on same-sex marriage, Martin didn't offer a yes-or-no answer...” (4/12/09)



But On Friday, Willard “Bud” Martin Told Fosters Daily Democrat That He Would “Support” The Bill:


Fosters Daily Democrat: “I support it, and I do because my experience tells me that it is important to our fabric as a community.” (4/10/09)



But On The Same Day, The Democrat State Committee Told The Conway Daily Sun He Wasn’t Going To Take A Position On Same Sex Marriage:


Conway Daily Sun: “Bud is going to ensure he listens to his constituents,’ [Democrat State Committee Executive Director Mike] Brunelle said of social issues. ‘And that all will be decided down the line.’” (4/10/09)