ALG Research Alert: Obama Drug Czar Nominee, Gil Kerlikowske

In keeping with our pledge to keep you fully up to date on Barack Obama's controversial, radical appointments not only to the Cabinet, but throughout the federal bureaucracy, Americans for Limited Government is pleased to provide you with critical research that you will not find all in the same place.


These materials, which you are free to quote and use as you wish, were put together by ALG's own research division headed by former research director for the campaign to re-elect President Ronald Reagan in 1984, Don Todd. Most recently, as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor, he led the effort that resulted in some 904 convictions of corrupt union officials.


These particular items cover Barack Obama's nominee for Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske. You will discover that, amongst other acts of negligence, Kerlikowske as Seattle Police Chief was responsible for the death of young man because he would not order Seattle police to break up a 2001 riot:


Kerlikowske's Deadly Decision:'s Deadly Decision.pdf


Kerlikowske Memo:


Kerlikowske Curries Favor with Illegals: Curries Favor with Illegals (2).pdf




Press Release:

Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee:


Kerlikowske Fact Sheet: