NH Senate Republicans - Applaud Efforts to Rein in Excessive Taxes and Spending

Concord, NH – Today Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford) released the following statement:


“On a day where Americans everywhere are protesting oppressive taxation by our federal government, we have a chance to push against that tide here in New Hampshire. As we begin the budget process in the Senate, we have the opportunity to balance the state budget without doing so on the backs of hardworking families in the midst of a recession. Republicans will be working to do just that.”



The state budget passed by the New Hampshire House and sent to the Senate contains the following taxes:


NEW capital gains income tax

NEW death tax

NEW tax on gambling winnings

Doubles the gas tax

Increases the rooms and meals tax

Increases the cigarette tax for the fourth time in 5 years

Suspension of the insurance tax reduction