NowHampshire - Taxpayers Storm 'Luxury Lavatory' at State House


Taxpayers Storm ‘Luxury Lavatory’ at State House

April 15, 2009 by Patrick
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About seventy woman and forty men” visited the Senate President and Speaker of the House’s new taxpayer-funded “luxury lavatory” at the State House to relieve themselves all at once today, sources tell


About 500 people showed up for the Concord “Taxpayer Tea Party.”


After protesting the federal government’s spending policies in Concord during the noon hour many of the taxpayers needed to relieve themselves. So Republican state Rep. Fran Wendelboe invited anyone who had to go to the third floor bathroom, which cost the state $72,000 and is seen by many in New Hampshire as an unnecessary extravagance in the middle of an economic recession.


Sources on the ground tell three state troopers were called up to monitor the taxpayers even though they were well behaved. It’s unclear whether the troopers were called in at the behest of Speaker Terie Norelli or Senate President Sylvia Larson.


The fancy bathroom has become the source of controversy for leadership in both houses of the state legislature. Senate leadership says the new bathroom was necessary because of urine stains on the floor.


The bathroom has also become a national story. It was featured on the Fox News Channel last weekend.