CEI Weekly: The Washington Tea Party

>> New Relase From CEI Studios

[VIDEO] D.C. Tea Party and the 1,000,000 Teabags


>>New Study

Why Florida Should Not Receive a Pre-Funded Federal Bailout

by Eli Lehrer



>>Regulatory Comments

CEI Comment on EPA’s Reconsideration of California’s Request for a Waiver to Establish Emission Standards for new Motor Vehicles



>>Building Coalitions

Free Market Coalition Letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on EPA’s Endangerment Finding


>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] John Berlau Debates Credit Card Fees and the Bank Bailout

John Berlau featured on CNBC


[VIDEO] Chris Horner on Renewable Fuels and Corporate Welfare

Chris Horner featured on Fox News



Upset Over Offsets

Iain Murray featured in The DC Examiner



‘Backstop’ idea appears too risky: Catastrophe fund may have opposite effect

Eli Lehrer featured in The Houston Chronicle



A Good Time to Start Liquidating

Ivan Osorio featured in The American Spectator



Geithner promises repeat of Bush’s regulatory mistakes

Eli Lehrer featured in The Detroit News


Don’t change interchange

Ryan Radia featured in The Washington Times



Green Job Self-Destruction

Iain Murray featured in The Independent on Sunday



>>Best of the Blogs

AIG CEO Liddy owns millions in stock in bailout beneficiary Goldman — Tim Carney blockbuster in DC Examiner

by John Berlau

"Everyone should read the blockbuster exclusive in today’s Washington Examiner in which Timothy P. Carney confirms that American International Group CEO Edward Liddy — appointed to his position at the behest of Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner after the government takeover of AIG in September — still owns more than $3 million in stock in Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the AIG bailout."



1,000,000 Tea Bags Find a Home

by Cord Blomquist

"The good folks from MillionTeaBags.org dropped by CEI today after the Park Service told them that while they had a perfectly legal permit to demonstrate in LaFayette Park today, that they hadn’t specifically asked if they could display the 1 million bags of tea they had trucked in. It’s tougher to have a tea party these days—regulations and permits were not a part of the first one."



Slandering the Tea Parties

by Hans Bader

"The 'tea party' protests against out-of-control government spending have been very clear in identifying what wasteful spending they object to. One example is Obama’s $800 billion stimulus package . . . but the protesters are frequently criticized by journalists . . . for having the temerity to protest Administration lies and out-of-control spending, the protesters have been attacked elsewhere in the left-wing blogosphere in the most vicious language as 'redneck, racist Republicons' and as 'a bunch of white old people and rednecks.'"



Horse Racing As A Public Good?

by Marc Scribner

"Maryland politicians really have their hands full as the legislative session draws to a close. Instead of focusing on their state’s looming long-term budget crisis, the Maryland General Assembly and Governor Martin O’Malley spent yesterday working on a far more important issue: authorizing the use of public resources to seize and operate the Preakness Stakes."



Federalism and Opposition to Illegal Immigration Are Signs of Subversion, Obama Administration Claims

by Hans Bader

"The Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security has developed new profiles of potential terrorists. Its definition of “right-wing extremism” is so ridiculously broad that you yourself may be branded as an extremist!"



>>CEI in the News

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Dallas Morning News--Ivan Osorio


Episode 38: Pirate Warriors on Deck

We start with the rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips from Somali pirates by the U.S. Navy and Special Forces, look into the murky finances of AIG CEO Edward Liddy in Scandal Watch, and figure out what ISPs are up to in Technology News. We also get an update on how West Virginia is about to become even more Wild and Wonderful, and finally we answer the call for wealthy, multilingual volunteers in Olympic News.



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