CHQ - Warning: the government may already consider you a "right-wing extremist"

I wish I could say this warning is just a joke, but according to a recent report from Obama's Department of Homeland Security, nearly every freedom-loving American is now a potential terrorist.


Yes, that's right. The Obama government has labeled virtually every conservative as a "right-wing extremist" with the potential to be a domestic terrorist, including:


- Americans unhappy with the bad economy

- Veterans having trouble readjusting after their honorable tour of duty

- Americans opposed to illegal immigration

- Americans opposed to increasing the power of the government

- Americans who favor states' rights

- Second Amendment activists

- Pro-Life activists

- Christians


Do any of these categories sound like your beliefs? If yes, the government thinks you may be a terrorist!


Click here and, for just $9.95, send a fax to Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano and the Obama White House demanding an apology from the Department of Homeland Security, and an immediate retraction of this shameful report.


The report says these potential extremists include "groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration." It also says "the possible passage of new restrictions on firearms...could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups."


Do you believe local communities should have more control of schools? The government may consider you a terrorist.


Do you believe people should enter this country legally? The government may consider you a terrorist.


Do you believe Americans should be allowed to keep and bear arms? The government may consider you a terrorist.


Are you worried or unhappy with the current state of the economy? The government may consider you a terrorist.


There is no excuse for the government's using color of law enforcement to incite hostility against freedom-loving Americans concerned about their country. It is an absolute disgrace and an insult to our Founding Fathers (who would undoubtedly be considered terrorists by the Department of Homeland Security).


We must take action right now before conservatives are subjected to further scrutiny and humiliation just because we believe in liberty and justice.


Demand an apology from the Department of Homeland Security and an immediate retraction of this atrocious report by clicking here.


It is important that we move immediately in getting this report retracted. Our personal freedoms depend on it.


If you are considered a potential terrorist, the government thinks it has a right to spy on you. The New York Times reported this week, "the National Security Agency intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year."


If you didn't think you were safe from government surveillance before, you should even be more alarmed now the government may consider you a terrorist!


If you haven't already, please click here to send a fax to DHS Director Napolitano and the Obama White House telling them you are furious that you have been labeled a potential terrorist, and demand an immediate apology!


By this point, your blood should be boiling about this un-American report from the Department of Homeland Security...

...But the outrageous claims do not end there.


According this report, our heroic veterans who have served valiantly in Afghanistan in Iraq are ALL POTENTIAL TERRORISTS!


"Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to right-wing extremists," the reports says. And veterans who are "facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities" should be considered potential terrorists.


The government talks about how veterans could turn out like Timothy McVeigh, who committed the awful attack 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.


Does the government really think all our veterans are just like Timothy McVeigh? I wish I could tell you they didn't, but the report unfairly says "some returning military veterans-including Timothy McVeigh-joined or associated with right-wing extremist groups."


Additionally, this report is an inexcusable attempt to roll back the goodwill and respect veterans have fought to gain over the last four decades.


It was violent, left-wing extremists such as Obama-friend Bill Ayres and others who are now politicians or who work in government who provoked hate and disrespect against veterans four decades ago.


These left-wing extremists now are in positions of authority within government. They must hate the fact that veterans have worked hard to overcome the nasty, spiteful treatment provoked by those 1960's radicals.


But now that so many of those 1960's left-wing radicals are in positions of authority, they are using color of law enforcement to try to again turn Americans against veterans by inciting hostility against our brave men and women.


There are no words for the level of indecency in calling our honorable veterans potential terrorists.


If you want to stand up for our veterans, please click here to send a fax to DHS Director Napolitano and the Obama White House that says Americans will not stand for this repugnant treatment of our heroic veterans.


"Veterans are people who served their country, most of the time heroically," says American Legion Communications Director John Raughter. "To denigrate their service, cite disgruntled military veterans, brings back images of the stereotypes Vietnam veterans faced when returning home."


He's right. We cannot allow the government to officially declare our veterans as potential terrorists.


This is not a report from some left-wing fringe group. It is a report from the U.S. government! But judging by its contents, with its open hostility directed at political opponents of the Obama administration, and those who have fought to protect our freedoms, it could have been written by a left-wing fringe group.


Please click here RIGHT NOW to help retract this appalling report from the Obama administration.


Your freedom depends on your immediate action. This report is just beginning of the Obama administration's attempt to crackdown on conservatives, who they call "right-wing extremists."


The report says that the Department of Homeland Security will be "working with its state and local partners over the next several months" to find out more about "the rise in right-wing extremist activity in the United States."


That means they may be spying on you and your family, for simply for supporting your Constitutional rights!


The next time you drive around town with an NRA sticker, a Jesus fish, or a "Support Life" sticker on the back of your car, police may believe you to be a potential terrorist.


This is the reality under an Obama government, and this report will remain available to state and local law enforcement unless we demand its retraction right now by clicking here!


What does the Obama government hope to accomplish with this? The intimidation and silencing of the political right.


Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin said, "It's not small coincidence that Napolitano's agency disseminated the assessment just a week before the nationwide April 15 Tax Day Tea Party.


"You cannot ignore the context or the timing of this DHS report," Malkin emphasized.


Please click here right now to demand an apology from the Department of Homeland Security and demand it retract this outrageous attack on conservatives, Christians, veterans and millions of other freedom-loving Americans!


When the Missouri State Highway Patrol's "Fusion Center" released a report last month suggesting supporters of third party candidates (including Ron Paul) were associated with violent militias, conservatives rallied together against it. Because of their work, they got the report retracted, the head of the Fusion Center removed, and received a humble apology from the governor of Missouri.


We must do the same thing now with the Department of Homeland Security report!


Click here to fight against this Un-American injustice by sending a fax to DHS Director Napolitano and the Obama White House that demands the report be retracted.


Thank you for all your help in protecting the good name of all freedom-loving Americans like yourself.