NetRight Daily: G20, Much Talk, Hopefully Little Action

G20: Much Talk, Hopefully Little Action: The likelihood that this meeting will kick-start a recovery from the global economic downturn is about as high as your winning the jackpot with the next lottery ticket you buy. At the prior G-20 meeting in November all parties solemnly proclaimed their devotion to free trade and opposition to protectionist measures in the midst of recession. Since then, 17 of the 20 countries, including the United States, have imposed recovery-killing protectionist measures.


Treasury's Very Private Asset Fund: The Obama Administration insists it wants to "partner" with private investors for its new toxic-asset purchase plan. But the more details that emerge, the more it seems Treasury wants to work with only a select few companies. This is no way to conduct a bank clean-up.


DMV Automotive Repair Center: This video accurately portrays what we have in store now that Obama has guaranteed all of the warrantee's on failed car companies.


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