Bradley For NH Senate - Don't Foget to Vote on Tuesday April 21st

Dear Friends,


It’s been a short but distinctive campaign for the 3rd District Senate Seat, and the time has now come to vote for Jeb Bradley!


Tomorrow, April 21st, is the special election to fill this vacant seat and Jeb needs you to go to the polls and cast your vote!


If you live in: Brookfield, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Farmington, Freedom, Madison, Middleton, Milton, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Sandwich, Tamworth, Tuftonboro, Wakefield, or Wolfeboro




If you live outside of the 3rd State Senate District, you can still help by volunteering to make calls or stand at the polls. To volunteer contact the State Republican Party at 603-225-9341.


The past several weeks have drawn a clear distinction between the two candidates. Jeb Bradley wants Concord to stop spending so much and stop taxing us so much. Why does government get to keep spending at increasing and outrageous levels when the rest of us have had to cut our personal budgets? Jeb wants the state legislature to follow the lead of New Hampshire families.


Bud Martin will support the Democratic Agenda to keep increasing state spending at dramatic levels. Bud Martin even denies the documented fact that the last budget was a 17% spending increase! We can’t have that kind of dishonesty or lack of budgetary knowledge in the Senate.


Jeb Bradley will vote against the increase in the Rooms and Meals Tax, the Gas Tax, the Cigarette Tax and the brand new Capital Gains and Death taxes that have already passed the House.


Bud Martin has changed his opinion so many times on those topics through this election, it’s impossible to assume anything but that he will support his democratic colleagues and vote for them all.


This election is critical. Vote to keep New Hampshire a livable state that fosters small business. Vote Jeb Bradley TUESDAY APRIL 21st!!!!!


Please Join us after the polls close for an Election Night Party starting at 7:00pm at Jo Green’s Garden Café, 33 Dockside St, Wolfeboro NH, 03894