DHHS Announces Trainings for Electronic Application System

Online Tool Designed to Make Applying for Assistance More Efficient


Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is offering informational sessions and trainings to providers in an effort to increase access to the New Hampshire Electronic Application System (NH EASY). DHHS is offering these sessions to increase the use of this online application system with community providers across the State. NH EASY was introduced about a year ago, but use has not grown as quickly as anticipated.


NH EASY allows providers to help people apply for programs and services available through DHHS’ Division of Family Assistance (DFA) such as cash assistance, medical assistance (including Healthy Kids), Food Stamps, Child Care Assistance, and Medicare Buy-In.


“There are a number of benefits to using NH EASY,” said DFA Director Terry Smith. “Clients will be able to file applications with community partners they’re familiar with. This system will also help reduce the number of times a client would have to visit the District Office (DO), and it will help them be better prepared with verifications when they have their eligibility interview.. Filing earlier in the community and being better prepared can mean clients would receive their benefits faster.”


NH EASY is as its name suggests, easy to use. Someone seeking assistance from DHHS would file NH EASY with a community provider’s help. A community provider can be a town, health care facility, social service agency, housing agency or other community organization. A community representative would then access the application online, help the client fill it out, and then submit it electronically. The signature page would need to be faxed or mailed to the local DO. For most programs, the client would then be required to provide verification forms and participate in an interview either at the DO or over the phone in order to complete the application process.


Informational sessions and trainings on NH EASY are currently being offered to community providers in the Concord area. For more information about NH EASY training contact Barbara Farrell at 227-0313.