DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Celebrates Earth Day

Washington, DC- Today Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine issued the following statement in celebration of the 39th annual Earth Day:


“For decades Washington has ignored the energy crisis, endangering our economy, our security and our planet. But today, on Earth Day, a new energy future is dawning in Washington. President Obama’s plan recognizes that our energy future and our environmental future are two sides of the same coin. His comprehensive energy plan will create millions of green jobs, break our dependence on foreign oil and reduce the threat of deadly pollution.


“The President, with the support of our Democratic leaders in Congress and across the country, has already made clear the direct connection between putting our economy back on the road to long-term economic prosperity and investing in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The clean energy industry will create good jobs that can’t be shipped overseas in high-tech research, construction and manufacturing.


“Democrats reject the false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy environment: Green can be good for our planet and our pocketbooks. That’s something we can all celebrate this Earth Day.”