DNC Releases “100 Days Of No ” Video Marking The Absence Of Ideas, Solutions From The ‘Party Of No’

While President Obama Offers Bold Solutions And Builds a Foundation For Change, Republicans Just Say NO

Click here to view “100 Days Of No”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18NSjDI6ILk

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Democratic National Committee released the following statement and a new video marking nearly 100 days of the ‘Party of No.’ While the President and Democrats in Congress have spent the first 100 days working to save or create 3.5 million jobs, provide working Americans the largest tax cut in history, extend unemployment benefits to those hit hardest by the recession, make health care more affordable, reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil and invest in our nation's schools, the Republicans have chosen the same partisan politics that voters roundly rejected last November.

“Unfortunately, instead of joining President Obama in forging a new foundation for change, the Republicans have openly employed the same obstructionist, just-say-no approach that helped create the problems we currently face,” said DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse. “As long as Republicans continue to rely on Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Rush Limbaugh for their inspiration, Americans can only expect more of the same recycled Republican talking points and baseless criticisms from the party of no new ideas and no new leadership.”

“In the next 100 days and beyond, we strongly encourage the Republicans to set aside their tired partisan games and work with the President to reform our health care system, make America energy independent, and lay the foundation for long-term growth in the 21st Century.”

Watch “100 Days Of No”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18NSjDI6ILk
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Script For “100 Days Of No”

ON SCREEN: Eric Cantor

V/O: Precisely zero Republicans voted for the stimulus plan
TEXT: After 100 days, the Republican approach is "just saying no". Source: Eric Cantor, Washington Post, 2/9/09
V/O: Until the Republicans have something other than saying no to Obama’s agenda

ON SCREEN: Paul Ryan

ON SCREEN: Scrolling date stamp (throughout the ad)

V/O: They’re the Party of Dr. No

ON SCREEN: Judd Gregg

JUDD GREGG: Cause we only have 41 people in the Senate, and when you have 41 people you really can’t do a heck-of-a-lot

ON SCREEN: John Boehner

V/O: It does not have, in the sense of a traditional budget, numbers with estimates
TEXT: Republican lawmakers "ought to get the idea out of their heads that they are legislators." - John Boehner. Source: New York Times, 3/14/09
V/O: It passed with a whopping zero Republican votes

ON SCREEN: Mitch McConnell

MITCH MCCONNELL: We are going to offer a number of amendments to the Democratic proposal

V/O: But no comprehensive budget?

ON SCREEN: Republican Leaders

V/O: The strategy of the Republican party is to say no and hope that the economy does badly so that they can come back next year

ON SCREEN: Mitch McConnell

ON SCREEN: Judd Gregg

JUDD GREGG: It’s really not the minority’s job to put out a budget

V/O: Now every Republican in the house, every single one

V/O: ...Republicans of simply being the Party of No
TEXT: Almost All Republicans Voted NO On Fair Pay For Women
Source: Senate Vote #14, 1/22/09, House Vote #37, 1/27/09
V/O: every single last one of whom voted No

V/O: They voted unanimously against the package

ON SCREEN: Mike Pence

V/O: No Republicans voted in favor of either of them

TEXT: All But 3 Republicans Voted NO On Economic Recovery
Source: House Vote #70, Senate Vote #70, 2/13/09

ON SCREEN: Republican Caucus

TEXT: All Republicans Voted NO On The President's Budget / Affordable Health Care / Creating Green Jobs / Reforming Education / Halving The Deficit
Source: House Vote #192, Senate Vote #154, 4/2/09


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