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Does Alleged Torture Work?


CIA Interrogations Worked--Produced Key Intel and Saved Lives

In releasing highly classified documents on the CIA interrogation program last week, President Obama declared that the techniques used to question captured terrorists "did not make us safer." This is patently false. The proof is in the memos Obama made public -- in sections that have gone virtually unreported in the media.

Consider the Justice Department memo of May 30, 2005. It notes that "the CIA believes 'the intelligence acquired from these interrogations has been a key reason why al Qaeda has failed to launch a spectacular attack in the West since 11 September 2001.' . . .
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U.S. Army Reserve and CBP Launch Jobs Partnership to Help Reservists and Veterans

The Army Reserve and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) formally agreed today to work collaboratively to enhance job opportunities for America's soldiers and veterans. CBP is the first federal agency to join the Army Reserve's Employer Partnership.
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