CEI Weekly: Green is the Color of Death

>> New Release From CEI Studios

[VIDEO] Humans Make Earth Day Better


>>New Study

The Case for Compensating Live Organ Donors

by Jennifer Monti




>>Regulatory Comments and Testimony

Testimony before the Committee on Energy and Commerce on the draft American Clean Energy and Security Act



CEI Comments on Draft FDA Risk-Benefit Assessment of Fish Consumption




>>Building Coalitions

Letter to New York State Insurance Superintendent Eric Dinallo



>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] Hans Bader on Government Ownership of U.S. Banks

Hans Baderfeatured on Fox Buisiness



Small Cars Are Dangerous Cars

Sam Kazman featured in The Wall Street Journal



The war on mining: Fighting back

Silvia Santacruz featured in The Financial Post



EPA’s Endangerment Finding: Legislative Hammer or Suicide Note?

Marlo Lewis featured inThe Washington Examiner



Getting a rise out of us

Chris Horner featured in The Washington Times



State insurance programs flawed

Eli Lehrer featured in The Los Angeles Times




>>Best of the Blogs

Green is the color of death

by Michelle Minton

"When it is broken down, the philosophy of environmentalism is the philosophy of life on earth without humanity at all. Green becomes the color of a forest that grows over unmarked graves."


Torture Prosecutions for Thee, But Not for Me

by Hans Bader

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Bush Administration officials prosecuted for facilitating torture. Fair enough. But if they get prosecuted, she should get prosecuted, too. She knew of the torture and knowingly funded the very programs that engaged in it. She only objected to it after Bush’s poll ratings went down."



Enviro-Scare Artists

by Angela Logomasini

"According to a new report released by enviro-scare artists at the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, most food packaging still contains the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). That is supposed to scare you, but I say, who cares . . . My colleague Jonathan Tolman and I have both written on the topic, highlighting the facts about the science and the risks. But these groups don’t seem to care much about the science. Apparently, the hype gets them more media attention and more power."



Obama credit card meeting — should meet with economists instead

by John Berlau

"Instead of meeting with the executives of credit card issuers and sactimoniously lecturing them about not raising rates, as he is doing today, President Obama would servecard holdersmore effectively by meeting with economists and listening to their concerns about the dangers of price controls on credit card services."



“We don’t need no stinking baseload,” FERC Chairman

by Marlo Lewis

"Wellinghoff, after all, is a memberofTeam Obama, and when the President was a candidate, he candidly admittedthathis cap-and-tradeplan would cause electricity prices to 'skyrocket' andwould'bankrupt' anyone foolish enough to invest in coal-based power."




>>CEI in the News

The Wall Street Journal--Myron Ebell


Los Angeles Times--Eli Lehrer



ABC News--Michelle Minton



Breitbart.com--Michelle Minton



Washington Examiner--John Berlau



Taipei Times--Eli Lehrer



OC Register--Hans Bader



The Bulletin--William Yeatman



Insurance News Net--Eli Lehrer



Episode 39: Party Like It’s 1773

We start by re-capping the anti-tax Tea Party protests, take a look at the status of Earth Day in American society and ponder the White House’s idea of spending cuts. We then move on to the new Technology Czar, and the President’s all-too-friendly treatment of Hugo Chavez. Finally we discuss Jeremy’s proposal to abolish the Vice Presidency and some very personal Olympic News.




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