NetRight Daily: The SUPER Edition

Rep. Joe Pitts: Cap-and-Tax Is A Wealth Transfer Program: This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee began consideration of a cap and trade plan that would regulate greenhouse gas emissions. As a member of the Committee, I have serious concerns about the plan we are considering, including the fact that we still don't have actual bill text that we can use to analyze the true cost of the bill.


Obama Hides the Whole Story: Set aside for now the troubling changes in the Obama administration's position on whether former Bush officials should be prosecuted for suggesting tough interrogation tactics against terrorists. Set aside the manifest unfairness of prosecuting lawyers merely for doing their job of giving legal advice. Set aside the raft of other reasonable objections to the proposed prosecutions, including a justifiable aversion to witch-hunts.


Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) Supports Ron Sims: Senator Richard Shelby publicly voices support for Obama's appointees in this video shot yesterday.


From the Ron Sims Confirmation Hearing: Yesterday, the Senate is holding a hearing for the confirmation of Ron Sims to become the next Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As we mentioned in an earlier article on Sims, this guy is trouble.


Greatly Depressing: History is written by many people, but those who write government school textbooks tend to hold disproportionate sway.


My Celebration of Earth Day: Yesterday was Earth Day, which I am writing about today. Well, my earth day celebration is pretty purist so I think if you read about my day you will understand. Typically, to celebrate such an important holiday, I try to do nothing that uses energy.


Cato Takes on the NYT: The New York Times recently remarked that Cato remained quiet on topics such as the bailouts. Now I know that is far from the truth. I know that because I have covered a lot of the stuff that they put out on the issue here on NetRight Nation.


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