DNC Announces New Ad, “Foundation Fo r Change,” Recognizing Administration’s Accomplishments as Laying a Foundation for a Bold Agenda for the Future

Ad HighlightsCommitments Kept, President’s Bold Plan For The Future

Watch “Foundation For Change”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRLGya_tzkg


Washington, D.C. – The Democratic National Committee today releaseda new 60 second television advertisementrecognizing theObama Administration'saccomplishments as laying a foundationfor the President's bold agenda going forward. The adhighlights the President’s efforts to rebuild the economy and create jobs, ensure equal pay for equal work, and provide health care for children.


DNC Chairman Tim Kainesaid that while the scale and speed of the Obama Administration's accomplishments to date have been remarkable, they represent just a foundation for the change the President is seeking to make through his plans to make health care affordable and accessible to all Americans, to reform education to prepare today's children's for tomorrow's global market place and to invest in renewable energy and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil.


"The strides the President has made in stabilizing the economy, creating jobs, providing healthcare forchildren and ensuring equal pay in the workplace are just the beginning of a bold agenda for change the President has laid out and they are just the beginning of what the President is prepared to accomplish on behalf of the American people. As the President and Democrats in Congress continue to work towards a stable and thriving economy, affordable health care for all, and an energy-independent United States, we implore Republicans to end their strategy of just saying no and instead contribute to the national dialogue of ideas and solutions inspired by President Obama. Looking ahead to the next 100 days and beyond, I hope the Republicans will join us in helping to build a stronger, more prosperous nation upon the solid foundation for change built by this President.”


"Foundation for Change" will run on cable television on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.