Dems Publicly Claim Buckley’s Not Involved In “Legislative Battles” While He Privately Pushes Radical Legislation



Democrats Claim That State Party Chairman Ray Buckley Isn’t Involved In The “Legislative Battle” Over The Democrats Radical Agenda:

•· NH Democrat Party Spokeswoman Victoria Bonney told the Concord Monitor that "Party staffers stay out of legislative battles:I asked Democratic spokeswoman Victoria Bonney, and she noted, rightly, that party staffers stay out of legislative battles.” (Concord Monitor, 4/26/09)


•· Senior Democrat Party Advisor Kathy Sullivan said that Ray Buckley's job is "not to be a spokesperson on policy": “There are a Democratic governor, a Democratic state president and a Democratic speaker, other Democratic officeholders elected by the voters to make policy or issues decisions. [Ray Buckley’s] job is to get Democrats elected, not to be a spokesperson on policy when there are elected Democratic officials who are making decisions on those policy issues.” (BlueHampshire, 4/13/09)



But In An Email Obtained By The Nashua Telegraph, Buckley Told Democrat Activists That It Was Important To Win The Recent District 3 State Senate Race Because It Would Boost Support For Same-Sex Marriage Legislation And The Bathroom Bill:


•· Nashua Telegraph: “Buckley was right out front in this missive, saying Martin's support for same-sex marriage and transgender rights made this a bellwether election.” (4/26/09)

And Buckley Secretly Planned To Use A Martin Victory To Convince Other Senators To “Support” And “Pass” The Democrats’ Radical Agenda:

•· Ray Buckley - If Bud Martin wins, Senators "will more likely support these bills and pass them": "Many observers believe that if Bud can win in this Republican district with these issues being on the 'front burner' then others who represent other similar districts will more likely support these bills and pass them,” (Nashua Telegraph, 4/26/09)


•· Buckley: "This could be an amazing victory – with your help!'' (Nashua Telegraph, 4/26/09)



Who Really Speaks For The New Hampshire Democrat Party? Ray Buckley, Or Governor John Lynch?



Buckley Is Advocating For Same-Sex Marriage Despite Opposition From His Party’s Governor:


•· Concord Monitor: “Gov. John Lynch, a centrist Democrat, has said he opposes same-sex marriage...” (4/24/09)

Buckley Is Advocating For The Bathroom Bill Even Though His Party’s Governor Is “Not Convinced” That The Legislation Is Needed:

•· Lynch Spokesman Colin Manning: "We are not convinced that the concerns raised by the supporters of [the Bathroom Bill] aren't already covered under existing law," (Associated Press, 4/9/09)