DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Welcomes Arlen Specter to Democratic Party with "Open Arms,"

Praises Senator's Ongoing Support for President's Efforts to Turn Economy Around


Specter Switch, Election of Scott Murphy in Republican Leaning Congressional District in New York, Shows Republican Party Has Lost Touchwith the American People, Kaine Says



Washington, D.C. – Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine issued the following statement on Senator Arlen Specter’s decision to join the Democratic Party andwork withSenate Democrats to achieve the President’s vision for astrong and growingeconomy.


“I am pleased to offer Senator Specter my sincere congratulations on his decision to join the Democratic Party and I welcome him with open arms,” said DNC Chairman Kaine. “Over nearly three decades in the United States Senate, Senator Specter has represented the people of Pennsylvania with honor, conviction, and an allegiance to deeply held principles that I know will continue to inform his decisions as a member of the Democratic caucus. Senator Specter courageously supported the President's economic recovery package while most Republicans played politics with our nation's economy. The Senator's willingness to set politics aside andbe part of finding solutions to our nation's problems will find a welcome reception in the Democratic Party. Coming on the heels of Democrat Scott Murphy's victory in a Republican leaningcongressional district in New York state, Senator Specter's decision isadditional proof that the Republican Party is in serious trouble because ithas lost touch with the American people and their desire for change which was so on display in November.


“As Senator Specter noted, the Republican Partyhas drifted far to the right and seems more interested in ideology, conflict and obstruction than in working constructively to address the nation's problems, and no longer appeals to moderates, including Senator Specter. I commend Senator Specter on his decision to work with President Obama andSenate Democrats to help turn our economy around, create jobs and put the country back on the right track. We are thrilled to welcome Senator Specter into the Democratic fold and he can count on our full support."