SEIU - Taxpayers Protest Bank of America

Over 100 New Hampshire Taxpayers Protest at Bank of America Branches as Part of Continued Nationwide Actions to Take Back the Economy


Granite Staters Call on Senator Judd Gregg to

Demand Accountability from Bank of America


CONCORD, NH - Today, thousands of taxpayers protested at Bank of America branches across the country, collecting “Taxpayer Proxies” demanding the bank fire CEO Ken Lewis and commit to financial reform that puts consumers and workers ahead of profits.


The proxy actions took place on the eve of Bank of America’s annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte. After receiving $45 billion in bailout funds from politicians like Senator Judd Gregg, taxpayers have become the largest shareholders of Bank of America and are demanding that their voices be heard.


Over 100 working families in Manchester, Nashua, Hanover, and Exeter participated in the protests. They called on Senator Gregg, the only sitting member of New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation who voted for the bailouts, to join them in holding Bank of America accountable.


“It’s time to get corporate greed under control,” said protester Shirley Clark. “Congress needs to step in so that instead of putting money in their own pockets, big banks like Bank of America are part of getting the economy working for all of us again.”


Since the taxpayer bailout last fall, Bank of America has announced plans to layoff 30,000 to 35,000 workers. At the same time, the bank handed out $5.2 million in corporate bonuses and continues to charge consumers some of the highest fees in the industry.


In addition to highlighting the bank’s corporate abuses, protesters also questioned Senator Gregg’s interest in giving Bank of America billions of taxpayer dollars. In 2007, Gregg had over one million dollars invested in Bank of America and made over $100,000 on this investment.


“It’s time for Senator Gregg to stop putting billionaires like Bank of America’s Ken Lewis ahead of New Hampshire’s working families,” said John Thyng, State Director for New Hampshire Change That Works. “We need an economy that works for everyone – not just the Ken Lewis’ of the world.”


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