NetRight Daily: Tax Death, End of Capitalism and More

Spend it in Vegas, Or Die Paying Taxes: n most cases, people who inherit wealth are lucky by an accident of birth and really don't "deserve" their inheritance any more than people who don't inherit wealth. After all, few of us get to choose our parents. It's also arguable that inherited wealth sometimes induces slothfulness and overindulgence. But the facts that beneficiaries of inheritances are just lucky and that the actual inheritance may make beneficiaries less productive don't justify having an estate tax.


Too Late to Save Detroit: Puzzled by politics these days? No need to be. Just follow the wink-winks and the click-clicks, and keep in mind that modern politics is a legalized con game in which politicians and bureaucrats are the scammers and we taxpayers are the marks.


When the American taxpayer Becomes a Nuisance: The Iowa state government ought to be reminded that the phrase “throw the bums out!” does NOT refer to the taxpayers.


Obama's Chilling Effect on Capitalism: The tombstone for General Motors really should have read 1908-2008. That's because December 2008 is when the bell finally tolled for GM – when the marketplace determined that a combination of poor management decisions, union pressures and a slumping economy had made the automotive giant's continued existence mathematically impossible.


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