NH GOP - Video: Martin Continues To Duck Issues

Candidate Still Won’t Tell Voters Where He Stands On Same-Sex Marriage And Death Penalty, But Explains Support For Higher Taxes



CONCORD –In his latest interview with WMUR-TV yesterday, Democrat State Senate candidate Willard "Bud" Martin continued to duck questions about his positions on the death penalty and same-sex marriage while explaining his support for higher taxes. He claimed that state government should "get the horse before the cart" by imposing tax hikes on working families during a recession.


Mr. Martin's pledged support for higher taxes and refusal to define his positions on pressing issues comes at a time when the State Senate is considering a slew of radical bills passed by the House. This includes legislation that will establish same-sex marriage, repeal the death penalty, and impose a 5% capital gains tax, an 8% death tax and a nearly 10% hike in the rooms and meals tax that would devastate New Hampshire's tourism industry.


Martin, a current public office holder, also made the patently absurd claim that it is inappropriate for candidates to discuss their views and principles while campaigning.


"Bud Martin continues to show a total lack of respect for the intelligence of New Hampshire voters. People want their candidates for public office to take clear stands on the major issues instead of dodging basic questions about their positions." said New Hampshire Republican Party Communications Director Ryan Williams. "Bud Martin owes the residents of District 3 a clear and upfront explanation about why he supports the liberal agenda currently advancing through the legislature."





Willard "Bud" Martin Refusing To Take A Position On The Death Penalty And Same-Sex Marriage:


Martin: It would be presumptuous of me to take a position on something that I haven't had an opportunity to hear from everybody on. What I do pledge is that I will be responsible once I hear and understand the issues.


Willard "Bud" Martin Explaining His Support For Higher Taxes:


Martin: It isn't really about if we want this tax or that tax we have to start with what are the services - get the "horse before the cart."