DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Applauds Passage Of President Obama’s Landmark Budget By The House And Senate

Kaine Says Passage of President'sBudget, Which Makes Major Investments in Health Care, Energy and Education, Cements Foundation for Change Laid in First 100 Days


Washington, D.C. – Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine praised House and Senate Democrats today for passing President Obama’s budget which restores fiscal discipline, strengthens the middle class and invests in the nation’s future.


“Facing the worst economic crisis in decades, President Obama took the oath of office 100 days ago with a bold agenda to turn our economy around, get Americans back to workand lay a solid foundation for future economic growth and prosperity. And he has done just that. The budget passed today by Congress affirms and supports that vision and addresses the President’s fundamental priorities: halving the deficit over the next four years, providing quality, affordable health care to Americans, improving education investing in the clean energy revolution while reducing our dependence on foreign oil,” said Kaine. "


“While the President and Democrats in Congress have moved with remarkable speed and with bold action to address our nation's problems, instead of contributing meaningful ideas and solutions, Republicans chose to just say no rather than support the President's plans or provide constructive alternatives of their own. The good news for Republicans, however, is that this budget is only the first step in addressing the challenges we face as anation. As the President hassaid since day one,I urge Republicans to set aside their reflexive partisanship and play a constructive role in the coming debates on health care, energy and educationbecause the American people expect more than just'no' from the minority party in Congress.”