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GOP Should End Affair With Corporate Elites: Earlier this month, the United States Chamber of Commerce handed out its annual "Spirit of Enterprise" awards to those members of Congress who voted with the Chamber 70 percent of the time on its most important legislative initiatives of 2008. The only four Republican senators who did not receive the award were Jon Kyl, Jeff Sessions, Jim Inhofe and me - four of the most conservative members of the Senate.


Tell The Truth Ron Sims: On April, 23rd when Senator David Vitter questioned HUD nominee Ron Sims, King County Executive, about his role in the "protracted 12-year legal battle involving government documents relating to Qwest Field" he answered, "With regard to the litigation involving Qwest Field, since the matter is involved in active litigation, I am regrettably unable to comment upon that case." However, we have a video that shows Ron Sims may not be telling the truth.


Was Solis a Straw Officer at Americans Rights at Work?: As the "Employee No Choice Act"-legislation that would replace the workplace secret ballots with union tyranny-comes to the forefront of the Congressional agenda, new questions are emerging about Hilda Solis, Barack Obama's Labor Secretary. Specifically, what role did she played at the organized labor front group, American Rights at Work.


Feeding the Monster: American taxpayers are feeding a voracious monster that threatens their very existence. Much like the unwitting tourist that feeds a wild animal only to whet its insatiable appetite, American taxpayers are funding a government bureaucracy that, at its current and projected growth rate, will eventually consume the private sector.


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