Senate Republicans Stand for Traditional Meaning of Marriage

Concord, NH – Today the state Senate passed HB 436, which redefines “marriage” to include same-sex couples.


“The civil union legislation enacted two years ago provides same-sex couples the same rights, benefits, privileges and responsibilities as marriage does for heterosexual couples," said Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon (R-Milford). "Senate Republicans believe the word ‘marriage’ should not be co-opted to mean something other than its traditional meaning, which is between one man and one woman. We know Governor Lynch feels the same way and we urge him to veto this bill when it reaches his desk."


“I went door to door visiting the voters of Senate district 3, and the overwhelming feeling was that citizens want the Legislature to focus on the economy not these divisive social issues,” stated Senator Jeb Bradley (Wolfeboro-R). “I look forward to standing with Governor Lynch as he vetoes this legislation.”