Shea-Porter Votes for Long-Term Economic Plan

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter today voted for the House Budget Resolution. This budget is a broad economic plan that will get our economy working again and address our nation’s long-term funding issues. It passed the House 233 to 193.


“I voted for this budget because it cuts taxes for 95% of Americans and helps middle class families, veterans, students, and seniors,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “In order to put our country back on the path toward economic prosperity, we must make smart, broad investments now.”


The House-passed long-term economic plan will:


  • cut taxes for 95% of working Americans


  • create jobs and grow our economy with targeted investments and reforms in health care, clean energy and education;
  • cut non-defense discretionary spending as a percent of the economy
  • usher in a new era of honesty in budgeting by fully accounting for known expenses like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that previous administrations left out in order to make the deficit look smaller;
  • put an unprecedented effort into rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in government spending, and
  • take steps to reduce health care costs, one of the largest contributors to the deficit.

“This budget provides an honest assessment of our nation’s economic outlook and makes responsible investments in health care, education, and energy,” Shea-Porter continued.


The Senate is expected to vote on the fiscal year 2010 budget conference agreement tonight.