CEI Weekly: Mark to Market Goes Bust

>>New Study

The Five Dumbest Product Bans, 2009--An Annual Review of Regulatory Absurdity

by Eli Lehrer



>>Shaping the Debate

Obama’s China Syndrome

Iain Murray featured in The Washington Examiner



Learning From Cameron’s Mistake

Iain Murray featured in The National Review



Selective Quotation is Alive and Well

Iain Murray featured in The National Review's "The Corner"



Geithner’s Power Grab: Not All Bad

Eli Lehrer featured in NewMajority.com



‘Battlestar’ Rules: In the Wasteland of TV Drama, An Intergalactic Tour de Force.

Eli Lehrer featured in The Weekly Standard



>>Best of the Blogs

The Mark-To-Market Relief rally

by John Berlau

"The events leading to the Dow’s climbing over 8000 today can be properly called the Mark-to-Market Relief Rally . . . By itself, this change will not make the price of mortgage assets higher or lower. Rather, it will allow price discovery to occur . . . If there is anything regrettable about today’s action, it is that Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner didn’t push through this reform sooner and save the economy all this consternation and taxpayers all those billions."



With or Without You

by John Berlau

"Let’s drop both the auto bailouts and the mandates. The American auto industy, which has produced such wonderful innovations for so many decades, is too important to be 'saved' by Washington’s central planners.”



Obama Follows in Hoover’s Footsteps

by Hans Bader

"During the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover damaged the economy, and impoverished the American people, with costly, artificial attempts to stimulate the economy through increased government spending, financed by heavy taxes . . . Obama is now doing the same thing.



That G20 Communique

by Iain Murray

"Yesterday’s communiqué from the leaders of the G20 . . . represents a new version of what economist Friedrich Hayek called 'the fatal conceit.' It believes that government has all the answers, and demonstrates that the world’s leading governments recognize few boundaries. As such, not only does the communiqué promise far more than it can deliver . . . but it may also impede global economic recovery."




>>CEI in the News

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San Francisco Examiner--Michelle Minton and Myron Ebell



YahooNews.com--Michelle Minton



Houston Chronicle--Iain Murray



The Financial Post--Myron Ebell


Newsbusters--Michelle Minton



Business Insider--Eli Lehrer



Instapundit--Michelle Minton



ReviewJournal.com--Myron Ebell



Townhall.com--Drew Tidwell, Michelle Minton, and Myron Ebell





Episode 36: We Go Green

We begin with a celebration of human achievement and a peek into the realm of secret government documents. We then investigate how the White House is going to waste another $1 trillion of your money and how the British beer tax has managed to kill off 20,000 jobs. Finally we focus on the history of the scandal-addled Sen. Dodd of Connecticut and the future of U.S. Olympic glory.


We begin our environmental adventure with an update on the high cost of renewable energy and the good news from the coal laboratory. We then pass on advice for drinking green in Beer News and celebrate the recent observance of Human Achievement Hour. This brings us to the featured interview with our distinguished colleague and author Steve Milloy – where we explore his new book Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Ruin Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them and its targets, from the Audubon Society to Zero Population Growth. Finally we round out the program with a little Olympic News.



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