NI4D - The Best President You'll Never Have

There is a great compilation of Senator Gravel's videos which I want to share with you:


So where do we go from here?


A central piece of Senator Gravel's campaign platform was the National Initiative for Democracy (NI4D). NI4D is a proposal which will permit the People to make or change laws by initiative.


While Gravel is no longer considering a run for an elected office, he is still working behinds the scenes to promote NI4D. I urge you to learn more about this legislative proposal by visiting


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Senator Gravel wrote:"One of the major goals of my presidential campaign has always been to empower you, the voter, through the enactment of the National Initiative for Democracy. The National Initiative will equip the people with the central power of government – lawmaking – and citizens in every government jurisdiction of the United States would then become a new check in our system of Checks and Balances, which was originally designed to control the abuse of power."


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