CHQ - Bad adults are doing bad things to our children and grandchildren

Dear Fellow Conservative,


Are you dismayed, even angry, at the way pop culture seems to want to turn American children against their parents?


You're not alone.


My name is Richard A. Viguerie, and you may know me as an author, longtime conservative activist and chairman of


But I'm also something far more important: A parent of three children and a proud grandparent of six.


And as a parent or a grandparent yourself you know it's a real challenge to protect kids from pop culture pollution.


The television and music industries, Hollywood and other forces pollute your home through your television, your computer and your car radio.


Even schools can be places where kids learn bad language, bad attitudes, and even worse, a place where they're exposed to drugs and sex.


The radicals who dictate pop culture aren't just out to make a buck off your kids: They're intent on replacing the values you've taught your children with their values.


It's called the Culture War.


But I didn't send you this e-mail to complain. Because complaining about the problem won't protect your children from these predators.


I sent you this e-mail to tell you how to protect your children or grandchildren from these dangerous ideas and behaviors.


My good friend Rebecca Hagelin has just written a book called "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family." Rebecca Hagelin's book provides you with 30 concrete steps you can take to raise kids who will tower above the pop culture.


Click here to buy it now at a 30 percent discount off the cover price at


You may have heard of Rebecca or seen one of her many TV appearances. (In fact you'll be able to see her discussing her new book tonight (April 6th)on Fox TV with Sean Hannity at 9 pm Eastern.)


Rebecca is a mother of three teen-agers, a senior fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation and a longtime pro-family advocate in Washington, DC.


You can read more about Rebecca and her family by visiting her website. And while you're there please sign up for free e-mails about how you can improve your family relationships.


In "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family," Rebecca Hagelin shares tips and stories to help you protect your children by taking practical steps like these:


Fight the culture, not your child


Protect your children from adults who seek to replace your values with theirs


Identify parents who share your vision for what childhood should look like - because you are not alone


Be your family's movie critic, and obtain a reliable Internet filter


Set clothing standards for your son and daughter that reflect they are to be respected and admired for who they truly are


Recognize when and how marketers target your children . . . so you can replace their messages with your own guidance


Let's face it: As a parent today you're struggling to raise your children to be strong, thoughtful adults of good character. But between work, and grocery shopping, and operating a taxi service to get the kids where they need to go, you simply can't monitor your kids every minute.


You need help. And this compelling, common-sense book provides you with all the help you'll need to raise kids who don't need Hollywood values because they've learned your values instead.


Click here to buy "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family" at a 30 percent discount of the cover price.


While raising her own three children Rebecca Hagelin devised hundreds of ways to protect her own children from pop culture pollution.


Then she narrowed the list down to just 30 simple things you can do - over the next 30 says - to protect your children as well.


This conservative thinker, author and mother has already done all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is click your mouse and this valuable parenting book will appear in your mailbox in a few days.


Since Rebecca's Hagelin's book is being released today you could be the first one in your neighborhood to have it - and the first to share it with other parents.


By the way, you can send Rebecca an e-mail when you visit her site. Just click here:


Rebecca's book is geared toward parents and grandparents, but it's also useful for friends and family members who are aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches, Sunday School instructors, etc.


By the way, if you haven't heard about Rebecca Hagelin's previous book, the title says it all: "Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture That's Gone Stark Raving Mad."


The truth hurts: Our culture has gone stark-raving mad. But it's also true that you don't have to sit there and let your children be victimized by it.


No matter how helpless you might feel, there IS something you can do: Buy "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family" right now by clicking here:


If your kids are no longer at home, consider buying copies of this book as Mother's Day gifts and Father's Day gifts for relatives and friends. I'm sure you know parents who are concerned (or should be concerned) about what their kids are doing when they're not around.


They'llthank you for sending them "30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family."


Please consider forwarding this e-mail to your friends, neighbors, church group, relatives, co-workers and anyone who has teen-agers.


They may desperately need help, and not know where to turn.


By sending them this book you'll be showing them the way.