NetRight Daily: From Bubble to Depression? and more!

From Bubble to Depression?: Bubbles have been frequent in economic history, and they occur in the laboratories of experimental economics under conditions which -- when first studied in the 1980s -- were considered so transparent that bubbles would not be observed.


The Benefits of Failure: In a market economy, business deaths are like death itself - an unfortunate but inevitable fact of life. However, recent government bailouts have tried to stop the inevitable by intervening in the market, at least temporarily saving failed firms from the economic grim reaper. Before putting the next failed business on life support, it's worth remembering why it makes sense to let struggling producers expire.


Card-Check Last Gasp of Big Labor: Last week, the Washington Examiner reported that 17 senators and representatives from nine states refused to comment on whether they would return some $359,000 they had taken in 2006 and 2008 from five labor unions “with significant internal corruption problems.”


Putting You In Charge of Your Health Care: Americans are ready for change in the way they receive and pay for health care. Surprisingly, it may not be the changes that most politicians, big businesses, insurance companies and special interests are pushing. Americans are ready to take back control of their health care.


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