NH House Republicans Offer Alternative State Budget

Proposal Funds Essential Services While Living Within Existing Revenues


Concord—In response to a state budget proposal from House Democrats that would cost the taxpayers of New Hampshire $133 million in additional property taxes, House Republicans today offered their alternative budget at a press conference held in Concord.


“Two years ago we warned that the Democrats were overspending and relying on over- inflated revenue estimates but they chose to ignore us,” said House Republican Leader Sherm Packard (r-Londonderry) “This time around we believe that it is necessary and appropriate to offer an alternative budget that better serves the citizens of this state,” he added.


Republican members on House Finance, led by Policy Leader Neal Kurk (r-Weare) and Committee Whip Doug Scamman (r-Stratham), worked to develop an alternative proposal that balances the state budget without creating any new taxes or raising any of the existing taxes. This is in contrast to a Democrat budget that proposes a capital gains income tax and an inheritance tax while ignoring the full legislative process of committee and floor votes. Their budget proposal also increases taxes on gambling winnings, doubles the gas tax, increases the rooms and meals tax by nearly ten percent and, for the fourth time in five years, raises the cigarette tax.


“We are living in a recession,” added Rep. Neal Kurk, “and in a time of recession it is bad public policy to raise taxes. Finance Republicans realize that and will present a balanced budget that asks the state to live within its means with a modest 2.6% budget cut over the biennium, the same kind of sacrifices we are making at home. Why should the state not do the same? The fact is, the Democrat budget will cost every man, woman and child in this state $300 and in this economy, it’s just too much.”


Unlike the Democrat-proposed budget, Republicans also restore $83 million in school construction aid and fully funds the state’s responsibility of state revenue sharing with local municipalities.


“We believe that we have come up with a budget that not only funds essential state services, but does so within existing state revenues,” concluded Rep. Packard. “It is clear that House Democrats are leading us down the road toward a sales or income tax with their tax and spend approach to state government.”


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