American Majority Message - Tax Day Tea Parties

Friends of American Majority,


What began as a single anti-stimulus protest organized by one blogger in Seattle, Washington has now turned into a revolution sweeping the nation. Nearly 1,000 Tax Day Tea Party events are planned for April 15th, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to show up and protest the government’s out of control spending.


However, I have a concern: We show up; we protest; we go home. But what comes next?


American Majority has developed an After the Tea Party plan, and we need your help on April 15th to keep the momentum of the Tea Party Revolution alive. This is an opportunity to channel your passion into part of a long-term approach, and become implementers of freedom by running for local office or becoming more effective activists.


Here’s what I need you to do:

  1. Attend a local Tax Day Tea Party near you (visit to find a nearby event).
  2. Pass out literature at the event to let other activists know about American Majority’s After the Tea Party plan. Contact Jaoni Wood at, give her the city of the event you’ll be attending, and your name and snail mail address so that we can send you the literature.
  3. Forward this to family and friends. Help recruit others to take part in the cause.

Your immediate action is urgent. We are a week away, so please contact us as soon as possible. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


The Tax Day Tea Parties represent one of our greatest opportunities to motivate, encourage and engage citizens in the fight for freedom. I hope you will join forces with American Majority for a long-term investment in the future of America.


For Liberty,


Ned Ryun