NetRight Daily: Today's Top Stories on NetRight Nation

Chrysler Bankruptcy: Chrysler is going to go Chapter 11 but that's not really the big story to me. The really important story is the contempt with which Barack Obama speaks of capitalism.


Yes, It Is Fascism!As the Examiner noted yesterday, the Obama takeover of General Motors is astonishing in its scope and reach. The money quote from GM itself: "The U.S. Treasury will be able to elect all of our directors and to control the vote on substantially all matters brought for a stockholder vote."


Omerica Down the Rabbit Hole: America has now officially gone down the rabbit hole, following Alice into a bizarre world where words have no meaning, nothing is fixed and certain, and all the basic rules on which we all have depended simply do not apply.


Reign of Paranoia: Swine Flu has engulfed Mexico and is spreading to ever corner of the globe. Egypt is slaughtering its entire pig population, the UK is dispensing information leaflets to every single home, and Barack Obama has recommended that some schools be shut down.


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