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The National Initiative for Democracy Newsletter


We have a new 23 minute video narrating two hypothetical examples of the initiative procedure specified by the Democracy Act. This video consists of some audio from the 2002 Democracy Symposium and a video track put together by John Wynne Jr. with help from Shree Mulay and others. Educate yourself about NI4D; visit to watch it.


The video production team is taking shape. Read our biographies here. Tentatively, Nicholas Holthaus volunteered to lead the effort as executive producer. Evan Strobel volunteered to direct. We also have volunteers for script writing, music, and aspects of video assembly (refer to the biography page above). Please join the ni4d-video group if you are interested in getting involved. We can use all the help we can get.


We lost the April Ideablob contest despite a small burst of votes triggered by last month's newsletter. The April winner had less than 1000 votes. If everyone who hasn't voted votes for it in May we'll be sure to win and on our way to financing the video production team. Please vote for National Ballot Initiatives in the Ideablob contest.


Senator Mike Gravel continues his efforts to advocate for a national ballot initiative in Korea. Read his most recent letter detailing the progress to date.


If you missed it, I invite you to read a recent article in the New Yorker about the National Popular Vote plan which is now being ratified across the country. "Nevada Assembly became the twenty-seventh state legislative chamber to pass the National Popular Vote bill, which so far has become law in Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii." Here is evidence that big changes can happen to our federal government in our own time. NI4D could be next.


A donor agreed to provide $100 per month to sponsor a Google AdWords advertising campaign for NI4D.


Looking for something to write about for the journalism contest? You might write about the health care activists who disrupted a Senate Finance Committee hearing Tuesday, standing up one after the other as Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) tried to restore order.

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We always need more volunteers.


Michael Grant, our chief technical officer, reports that the current financial crisis has affected The Democracy Foundation. Recently, the Internet service provider that housed our server went out of business forcing me to search for a new home for our server. We are faced with increased costs, and donations have been falling off in recent months. Your regular donations are needed more than ever. We have a very meager goal of $2000/month to sustain our effort, please help us meet that goal with your tax free donation. Click here to donate