AFP - Tell Congress to Vote NO to Cap-and-Trade

This is just the latest in a series of threats to our freedom and prosperity. The appetite for Big Government policies has only grown among liberals in Congress. And our “friends” in the Main Stream Media haven’t done us any favors, making excuses—at the expense of taxpayers-- for Congress’ “spend now-pay later” style of government.


Unfortunately, conservatives have fallen dangerously behind in this age of online communication, surpassed by radical left wing activists - funded by George Soros – who are driving the public policy agenda, influencing mainstream media coverage, and mobilizing their so-called “progressive” movement at an alarming rate.


But the voices of hard-working taxpayers can no longer be ignored.


Americans for Prosperity Foundation is proud to announce our second annual RightOnline Conference on August 14 th & 15 th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This two day conference will feature an impressive lineup of speakers, a powerful array of panels and workshops, and cutting edge training in effective strategies and techniques for successful activism and mobilization.


The time has come for conservatives to stand up and fight back.


You will hear from great speakers like The Wall Street Journal'sSteve Moore and John Fund, Former Congressman Pat Toomey, Fox New Contributor Jim Pinkerton,'s Erick Erickson,'s Ronald Kessler,'s Ed Morrissey, AOL Political Machine’s Matt Lewis, Americans for Prosperity Foundation President Tim Phillips, and Fox Forum's Phil Kerpen.


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Just as our founding fathers utilized the strength of citizen led journalism and pamphleteering to spread their message of freedom and launch the American Revolution, we must seize upon the power of Internet to defend the liberty they fought so hard to bestow upon us.


Learn how you can utilize the tools of the Internet to amplify the voice of the right-- and send a message to policy makers and the media that average Americans will no longer sit and watch as our very freedom and prosperity is threatened by the radical left.


Your support and involvement in RightOnline is critical to advancing our shared belief in lower taxes and more limited government, and preserving the American Dream for future generations. Please click here to register today!