CEI Weekly: Al Gore 1984

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[VIDEO] Al Gore 1984

Can Big Brother be green? Absolutely. If carbon dioxide were the planetary poison that global warming alarmists claim, then every aspect of our lives would be fair game for government control: the homes we build, the cars we drive, the light bulbs we use.



>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] Fred L. Smith, Jr. on Credit Cards

Fred L. Smith, Jr. featured on CNBC



[VIDEO] Chris Horner on Environmentalism in the Classroom

Chris Horner featured on Fox News



[VIDEO] Ryan Radia on Intel and Antitrust

Ryan Radia featured on Fox Buisness



Just What Is Waxman-Markey For?

Iain Murray featured in The Washington Examiner




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Adviser Admits Obama’s Tax Increases May Kill Economic Recovery

by Hans Bader

"Harvard economist Martin Feldstein, who has advised Obama, warns that 'the barrage of tax increases proposed in President Barack Obama’s budget could, if enacted by Congress, kill any chance of an early and sustained recovery.'"



Massive Tax Increase and Marriage Penalty from Obama

byHans Bader

"Obama’s proposed tax increases create a massive financial penalty for married couples, by subjecting them to much higher income taxes than if they had chosen to live together without getting married."



Is Facebook Violating Federal Wiretapping Laws?

by Ryan Radia

"Facebook has been at the center of a controversy involving its moderation policies and The Pirate Bay, a popular Bittorrent tracker that was found guilty of copyright infringement by a Swedish court last month. Since early April, Facebook has enforced a “site-wide” ban on links to The Pirate Bay - including those in private messages."



“Bush holdover” is career civil servant hired during Clinton

by Marlo Lewis

"Team Obama was embarrassed earlier this week when a leakedOMB memorandumacknowledgedthat EPA’s proposed finding that greenouse gases endanger public health and welfare could impose severe economic burdens on small business."



Stupid and Evil Soda Tax

by Angela Logomasini

"Nanny statists are, apparently, equal opportunity hacks. Activists on the left and their legislative team players are not only going after the bottled water “sin industry.” They are also increasing the pressure for regulations on other beverages, seeking to slap a federal 3 cent tax on beverages containing sugar. Where will it end?"




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Breitbart’s Big Hollywood--Cord Blomquist



Business Insurance Magazine--Eli Lehrer



E-Commerce Times--Ryan Radia





Episode 42: Hugo Chávez, Robber Baron

We start with the continuing buzz over the Supreme Court’s next member, President Obama’s trillion dollar healthcare plan, and an update on how Hugo Chávez is turning Venezuela’s petroleum reserves into his personal piggybank. We add good news from East Texas for beer drinkers, bad news from Europe for technophiles and sad news from Philly for basketball fans.




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