NEMW - Dear Ms. Sweet, The World Can't Wait

Hi Debra.


I receive your newsletter and have taken to posting it on my own news website, I hope that some people who have never heard of you might take more interest and get involved with this issue. So many Obamanoids are still dazzled by CHANGE, and clueless as to what he is really up to. However, though I do also support the anti-torture cause, I must point out a point of disagreement I have with you. I am a Constitutionalist, I have always, until recently, been a registered Independent, I had to become a Republican to vote in the Massachusetts primary for Dr. Ron Paul.


Torture is NOT a "right wing" issue, whatever "right wing" is supposed to mean in your lexicon. I suppose you are referring to Republicans and that is a term that is not relevant to Conservative and/or Constitutionalist values anymore than it is relevant to a concept like "right wing".


I happen to speak with my customers on a wide range of topics, including politics. Many of them are academics, from the university level down to grade school and are located in Massachusetts (one of the supposedly more "left wing" states). By and large, these folks ARE NOT paying attention, or they believe that Obama is "CHANGING" what the Bush Administration has wrought, OR they believe that the torture is still justified. These folks are not "right wing" by any stretch of the imagination.


Ms. Sweet, you and I know that these POW's are mostly goat herders that had no idea there even was a United States, let alone that said country would come blasting into their homeland and kill them or take them away to be tortured to keep up the pretense of the lie that is 9/11. In light of these facts I would sincerely appreciate you placing the blame of ACCEPTANCE of these heinous acts and un-Godly actions squarely on the backs of the ENTIRE American people.We are ALL culpable for the actions of our government, whether led by Republicans or Democrats.


It became obvious to me in 2004 that the so-called opposition party, Democrats, had NO real intention of impeaching Bush, or trying to end the wars, particularly in Iraq, which at least many Democrats saw as the fraud it was. Today, the wars are STILL undeclared. Today, the Democrat House AND Senate AND President, all Democrat controlled, sign bills to authorize money to be spent on these wars despite the will of the People. So I ask YOU, where is the "left wing" in all of this? Where is your acknowledgement of culpability of the "other side" in all of this?


I do appreciate that you are keeping up the fight, but let us stretch out our arms and embrace the good Constitutionalist folks, the good Conservative folks, the good Christian folks (they aren't all Israel-worshipping Zionist wing nuts like Hagee) and everyone else that knows that these wars and the various aspects of them have nothing to do with the false flag op of 9/11, or of WMD. These wars are being fought for Zionism (the PNAC documents), poppy production, oil, and primarily to create the atmosphere here in the States necessary to create a police state, which has pretty much been put in place. The only time I've EVER seen a heckler on a comedy show threatened with physical violence was Jim Marr, who personally charged out in the audience after a 911 Truther. Or the college student tazed and arrested at a speaking engagement for simply asking why Senator Kerry had so quickly accepted defeat in 2004. We see now the release of the DHS Lexicon booklet which states clearly that the Homeland Security function is NOT for turbaned fanatics, but for AMERICANS. Which I have personally been saying since the Patriot Act was signed.


Today, we don't need a lot of little factions blowing their own little horns, we need to consolidate and wake up ALL Americans of every political stripe to the very real fact that we are indeed living in a totalitarian system with a controlled mass media, the very same system we once accused the Russians of having. Though I can assure you that by and large, the Russian people knew very well that their media was lying to them much of the time, unlike the American people, who are plainly clueless.