CPR - Launches TV Ad “Broader Lens”

Targets Governor Lynchfor breaking his promise; implores viewer to contact legislators



Concord – Today, CPR-Action in conjunction with the National Organization for Marriage launched the new television ad "Broader Lens".


Commenting on the ad, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith, stated, “We're running this ad to remind New Hampshire's citizens that Governor Lynch broke his word by misleading voters to believe that he opposed gay marriage. It is alsoour intent to informthe viewer that their legislators will once again be voting on gay marriage this week and that they shouldurge them to put "principal over politics."


The ad is scheduled to begin airingMonday, 5/18,on cable and network affiliate,WMUR,in New Hampshire, continuing through Wednesday, 5/20.


The following is the script for the ad, “Broader Lens”


The ad can be accessed through the following website:





When Governor Lynch sought our votes, he promised he opposed gay marriage.


LYNCH In Debate

“I do not support gay marriage”




Now the governor says ...




...he’s looking through a “broader lens” and is prepared to legalize gay marriage.


That’s politician-speak for he’s breaking his word to us.



No wonder the Union Leader is calling him “Governor Flinch,” saying he’s abandoned principle.



But New Hampshire shouldn’t flinch from principle. Call your legislators and demand they defeat the gay marriage bill. Because principle should count for more than politics.



CPR-Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research.


Cornerstone Policy Research is a non-partisan, non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, limited government and free markets.