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What If....Real Awards for the Real VA

by Gordon Duff, Staff Writer

This week, a veteran was denied disability for PTSD. He had totravel 300 miles for his Comp and Pension physical. It was in the basement of a private doctor. He was told he couldn't have PTSD, as serving as a Combat Engineer in Vietnam, he wasn't classified as someone who could have seen combat. He had been diagnosed with PTSD already by a highly qualified doctor but was told he was faking in his "findings" from the VA, based on this "basement" evaluation. The VAnever paid his travel expenses, though they have been filed more than once. Now, this may be the best part. The VA is now trying to sieze his Social Security for not making his co-pays on the meds he was prescribed for the PTSD he couldn't have for the combat he imagined in Vietnam. There has to be an award given to the clowns who handled this claim. Recently the VA awarded medical staff for, frankly, doing the job they are paid for. Is the award a pig with lipstick? How about a new award. We could call it "THE VETTY." I am suggesting bronze, showing a man in a wheelchair being attacked by wolves. What do you think?
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