CEI Weekly: Chapter 11 is the way out

May 1, 2009



>>New Study

SERFF Liberation--The System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing Needs Competition

by Eli Lehrer




>>Shaping the Debate

Fix Social Security, Ease the Credit Crisis

Fred Smith and Ivan Osorio featured in RealClearMarkets



GM vs. GGP: Bankruptcy the Way It Ought to Be

John Berlau featured in The American Spectator



Fed’s policies contradict each other

Seth Bailey and Ryan Young featured in




>>Best of the Blogs

Chrysler bankruptcy an opportunity to reject Obama nationalization

by John Berlau

"In the next 48 hours, Chrysler is expected to file for bankruptcy because, according to press reports,a significant minority of its creditors object to the Obama administration’s planned takeover in which the government and unions would own a majority stake. The Obama administration hopes to persuade the court to ratify and rubber-stamp its plan. But the bankruptcy courts should exercise independent judgment instead, as they do in any typical bankruptcy case."



Specter Switches Parties, Cementing Liberals’ Filibuster-Proof Control of Senate

by Hans Bader

"What is strange about this is that the reason Specter gave for leaving the Republican Party was not social issues . . . but rather his vote for the bloated $800 billion stimulus package, which will actually shrink the economy in the long run."



Civil Rights Commission Members Urge “NO” Vote on Federal Hate Crimes Bill

by Hans Bader

"Four members of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission urged Congress not to pass the federal hate crimes bill (LLEHCPA). In a . . . letterto Congressional leaders, they point out that it would circumvent Constitutional protections against double jeopardy, giving the federal government the power to reprosecute people in federal court even after they have been found innocent . . . in state court."



Farewell Union Transparency

by Ivan Osorio

"It may not get card check this Congress, but organized labor still has plenty for which to thank the Obama administration. Today, in The American Spectator, F. Vincent Vernuccio describes one such fulfilled item on the unions’ wish list."




>>CEI in the News

Investor's Business Daily--Greg Conko



Indy Star--Iain Murray



TownHall.com--Eli Lehrer



E-Commerce Times--Ryan Radia



Arkansas Democrat Gazette--Myron Ebell



New Haven Register--John Berlau



Scoop--Chris Horner





Episode 40: Keepin’ It on the CL

We start with discussion of the Obama administration’s plan to (further) regulate the credit card industry, scandalous shenanigans on Craigslist and the prospect of carbon dioxide cap and trade legislation in Congress. We then move on to the necessity of TVs and the FCC, why it pays to be crafty in Beer News and finally a multimedia blitz from the London 2012 Olympics.




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