Freekeenenews - Entire Courtroom Audience Refuses to Stand for Judge Burke

While today’s arraignment for one of the “Disorderly Six” went relatively uneventfully, there was an interesting first. At today’s 1:30pm arraignment about ten liberty activists were the only ones in the audience when judge Burke entered the courtroom. Bailiff Lance Walton issued the usual, “All rise”, and as usual, the activists did not rise. Burke made no mention of this. At the end of the arraignment, Walton again uttered, “All rise”, and again no one did. What had changed, however was that a couple of other victims of government aggression had entered the court during the arraignment and though they were not part of our group, they also did not rise!


This is peer pressure in a most positive way! It’s proof that even people who do not consider themselves activists will find courage in themselves once they see others display it, especially a group of others. It’s very likely that had the courtroom been full of the state’s victims (as it usually is during morning arraignments), they’d have stood, but in a court filled with noncooperating liberty activists - they joined in the noncooperation!


This bodes well for the future of participation in the peaceful evolution. We are empowering our fellow slaves to throw off their chains - please come join us.


Meantime, we’ll keep refusing to stand so long as the Keene District Court continues to participate in forcibly extracting money and mindless obedience from peaceful people, not to mention sending them behind bars. We’re all waiting for you to start doing the right thing and refuse to participate in aggressing against your neighbors.


Ian Freeman

Also, the Free Sam Sign Contest is under way: