NRN Blog Alert: Obama Appoints Radical Koh

Fellow Bloggers,

Anyone interested in covering foreign policy or anyone with interest in Obama's appointments will find the following story very interesting. Harold Koh, an Obama appointee to become the top lawyer for the State Department, has a troubling interpretation of America's role in the world. It is our duty as bloggers to make sure that we shed light on what our government is up to. Make sure to spread the word on the appointment of Harold Koh.

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Koh wants the Supreme Court to misinterpret the Constitution to embody rules of foreign and international law. He objects to America's "distinctive rights culture," which he complains gives "First Amendment protections for speech and religion ... far greater emphasis and judicial protection in America than in Europe or Asia." He also wants to invent new constitutional rights favored by leftist elites—for same-sex marriage and against the death penalty, for example. Under our Constitution, these are matters for us citizens to decide through our elected representatives. But Koh wants to impose on us the views of foreign and international bureaucrats.


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