Poll Results Poll: 91% of Conservatives Believe Obama is a Socialist, Marxist, Communist or Fascist

Thank you for participating in our on-line poll. We wanted to get you the results even before we send them out to the media. Nearly 2,600 people voted in the poll at, including 1,848 self-identified conservatives.

Ninety-one percent of conservatives said Obama was either a "socialist," "Marxist," "communist," or "fascist," proving Obama is no garden variety liberal.

While this is not a scientific poll, it is a meaningful indicator that most conservatives (the GOP base) see Obama as a dangerous radical. Rather than Americans coming together as a result of the election, it appears that America is becoming much more polarized.

Because so many conservatives see President Obama as a radical leftist, Republican politicians will be under pressure to step up their criticism of President Obama and the Democrats who are closely cooperating with him.

It will also make compromise more difficult for GOP officials. Any Republican who wants to be a national leader will feel obligated to view Obama as the vast majority of the GOP base sees him.

The poll, conducted from May 12 through May 19, asked, "How Would You Describe President Obama's Political Philosophy?" The complete results from conservatives were:

Socialist 46% (842)

Marxist 24% (437)

Communist 11% (200)

Fascist 10% (193)

Liberal 5% (87)

Progressive 2% (41)

Moderate 1% (24)

Other 0% (9)

Populist 0% (8)

Conservative 0% (7)

Libertarian 0% (0)

(Note: Percentages may not total to 100% because of rounding)


Thanks again for expressing your view on President Obama's political philosophy. We encourage you to visit often, as more polls will be posted regularly. We will continue to share the results with you and with news organizations and public opinion leaders across America.

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