CPR - Reacts to House Defeating Gay Marriage Amendment

Concord – Today, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith, commented on the Senate passing Governor Lynch's proposed amendmentwhile the House voted it down:


"We are pleased thatcommon sense prevailed in the House today by not concurring with theGovernor and Senate's amendment. We are hopeful that the Legislature, having seen there is clearly a divide amongst themselves on this issue, will finallyput thisto bed by not-concurring inthe committee of conference and will instead get on with theissue the people care most about in this state: the economy."


Smith added, "The Governorstatedlast week that will vetothe gay marriage legislation if it did not contain the language he asked for. Today, the Governor's amendment was defeated, so we are hopefulhe will stay true to his word this time, by vetoing any other language that comes to his desk."



CPR-Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research.