DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Sends Letter To Minnesota Governor Pawlenty Urging Him To Take Action To End Legal Battle For The Senate

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine sent Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty the following letter yesterday urging him to convince Coleman to end his protracted legal battle for the United States Senate. Short of that, the letter asks Governor Pawlenty to commit to signing an election certificate for the rightful winner as soon as the Minnesota State Supreme Court reaches a decision. As Chairman Kaine points out in his letter - Minnesotans have now gone six months without full representation in the Senate, and to allow this battle to continue for purely political reasons would, as the Chairman writes, make a bad situation worse. Recent polls show that Minnesotans, by a margin of two-thirds, agree with Chairman Kaine that it’s time for Coleman step aside.

Please see below for a copy of the Chairman’s letter:

May 19, 2009

Governor Tim Pawlenty
130 State Capitol
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Dear Governor Pawlenty:

It has now been six months since Minnesota voters went to the polls to cast their ballots in a hard fought election for the United States Senate. No one will deny that the race was incredibly close - but after an official recount, an extensive legal process and a clear and definitive ruling by the three judge panel, it is all but indisputable that Democrat Al Franken won and will be the next Senator from Minnesota.

The voters of Minnesota elected Al Franken, and during every step in the legal process that judgment has been confirmed. By continuing to fight this losing battle - despite the fact that two-thirds of Minnesotans believe its time for him to concede - Norm Coleman is putting his own political ambition ahead of the voters choice and Minnesota's right to full representation in the Senate.

Last month, there was another hard fought race in New York's 20th Congressional district. But once Republican Jim Tedisco realized the numbers were not going his way, he appropriately conceded. He congratulated his opponent Scott Murphy and moved on. Now that the outcome of the election in Minnesota is abundantly clear: its time for Norm Coleman to follow Jim Tedisco's example. I urge you to use your influence to bring this process to an end by asking Norm Coleman to allow his neighbors and yours, their full representation in Congress.

However, if Mr. Coleman refuses to concede and this case is heard and decided by the Minnesota State Supreme Court, I urge you to commit to signing an election certificate for the rightful winner as soon as the Court issues a ruling in this case. To allow this to process to continue into the federal courts for no other reason than to deny for as long as possible the seating of another Democratic Senator would make what has been a bad situation for Minnesotans even worse. I urge you to do everything within your power and influence to bring this process to an end.




Tim Kaine
Chairman Democratic National Committee