NetRight Daily: Geithner to DeMint: Bailouts May Never End

Rep. Denny Rehberg - Harmful Implications of Cap and Trade: I've warned about the implications of cap and trade for the energy industry and America's families. Any policy that boasts hundreds of billions in new federal revenue has to get that money from somewhere. Under the cap and trade plan, the average American family is looking at an annual increase in energy costs of $3,100. But for states like Montana, where more than 60% of our electricity comes from coal - it could be even more. That's why the Montanans I've talked to are expressing more concerns about cap and trade every day.

Audit the Fed: I'll be the first to admit that the notion of Washington politicians auditing the Federal Reserve initially struck me as a little bit kooky – and more than a little bit backward. Shouldn't the financial geniuses be auditing the politicians, not the other way around? In fact, one of the reasons that the Fed has been given such wide latitude throughout its history is the widely-held belief that our nation's monetary policy should be conducted free from political "interference."

Geithner to DeMint: Bailouts May Never End: Video of Geithner telling DeMint that he believes that the TARP program and bailouts should last forever.

Golden (State) Opportunity: California voters sent a blunt but welcome message Tuesday about runaway government. By rejecting by nearly two-to-one the political establishment's $16 billion in higher taxes, spending gimmickry and more borrowing, the voters said it's time government faced the same spending limits that the recession is imposing on everyone else.

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