CEI Weekly: California: The failed model

>>Shaping the Debate

[VIDEO] Myron Ebell on Car Mileage Regulations

Myron Ebell featuredon CNBC



[VIDEO] Sam Kazman Debates Obama’s Car Mileage Regulations

Sam Kazman featured on CNN



Supreme Court To Hear Sarbanes-Oxley Challenge

Hans Bader featured in The Washington Examiner



Florida flirting with fiscal hurricane disaster

Eli Lehrer featured The Gainesville Sun



Rather than vilify bottled water, scale back recycling programs

Angela Logomasini featured in The Post Standard



Business Will Miss Justice Souter

Hans Bader featured in the The Wall Street Journal




>>Best of the Blogs

California here we come?

by Myron Ebell

"California’s voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a series of tax increases that Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic-controlled state legislature claimed were necessary to save the State from bankruptcy. The voters have it right, as do the conservative Republicans in the legislature."



New fuel economy rules will make cars more costly, less safe, trigger regulatory cascade

by Marlo Lewis

"At some point today, the EPA and the Department of Transportation (DOT) will propose a first-ever joint regulation to establish first-ever greenhouse gas (GHG) emission standards for new motor vehicles . .. This is bad news for three reasons . . . New cars will be less safe[,] . . .New cars will be more costly[,] . . . The GHG standards will starta regulatory chain reaction with potentially devastating economic impacts.



EWaste Recycling Bans: Wasting Opportunity

by Angela Logomasini

"To sum it up, developing nations don’t have the same environmental standards as we do for the same reasons they don’t have the same labor standards—they are too poor. Keeping them poor will only keep them poor! That’s hardly a policy for progress!"



Class Warfare Against the Financially Responsible

by Hans Bader

"Earlier, the Obama Administration pushed through $250 billion in mortgage bailouts, to bail out even some high-income borrowers with normal mortgage payments, and forced financial institutions it took over in the name of fiscal responsibility, like Freddie Mac, to run up billions in losses bailing out irresponsible borrowers."



Fulfilling Prophecies

by Ryan Young

"CBO estimated today that unemployment will top out at around 10.5% before it recovers. Congress is doing its part to make CBO’s dire prophecy a reality .. . The Congressman may be unaware that when workers become more expensive to hire, employers hire fewer of them. Or else he is more concerned with making CBO’s predictions come true."




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St. Louis Post Dispatch--Myron Ebell





Episode 43: A House in Gross Disorder

On the news front, we discuss pending “cap and trade” legislation for greenhouse gases, scandalous corruption charges in the British Parliament, and new hope for economic and political reform in India. We also return to Craigslist’s fight against state attorney general activism and some highly competitive Olympic News.



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