CPR-Action - Response to Governor Lynch's "principles" statement

CPR-Action Comments onGovernor Lynch's Statement After Amendment Fails in House



Concord – Today, CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith, commented onthestatement from Governor Lynch's Office that if the legislature passes legislation that maintains his "principles", he will sign thebill.


"Once again, we see the Governor going back on his word. After declaring for years that he opposed gay marriage, the Governor then stated he had to 'do what was best' for the state only after the House and Senate passed gay marriage, breaking his word to the citizens of New Hampshire. Now, after stating he would only sign the bill if the legislature passed 'this language', he is again hedging his word by stating it needs to maintain its 'principles'."


Smith continued, "It is incredibly ironic at this point that the Governor would even be speaking of "principles" when hecan't evenabide bythe simpleprinciple of keeping ones word."



CPR-Action is the legislative advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research.