CHQ - Sotomayor Nomination Major Opportunity for Conservatives

First Release: Viguerie Says Sotomayor Nomination Great Opportunity for Conservatives
Viguerie Release - This is an enormous opportunity for conservatives to define President Obama as a radical liberal in a way that Republicans have so far failed to do. This is the first opportunity in over 40 years for conservatives to have a national debate on the role of the judiciary. [Read the Full Release Here]

Second Release: Conservatives Will Move Quickly to Define Judge Sotomayor
Viguerie Release - Conservatives will move quickly to define Judge Sotomayor for what she is: A radical liberal who will not feel obligated to keep her commitment to her oath of office to faithfully obey the U.S. Constitution. Based on her record, she will try to make law. [Read the Full Release Here]


Hear Richard Viguerie's interview on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" by visiting their Web site by clicking here.